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Instrusctions for Painting your Pottery at Home! 

  1. Make sure your hands are clean of lotion or grease

  2. Clean your pottery with a damp sponge (don’t use too much water)

  3. Paint 2 to 3 coats for maximum coverage (You don’t need a base coat or primer)

  4. Allow the paint to dry between coats.​

  5. Don’t mix colors in containers and do not use another kind of paint than the one we provided.

    • The paint will be very dull & chalky looking until they are fired. the picture below shows the colors (1, 2 & 3 coats) after they are fired.​

  6. Use light colors first and darker colors last

We will not be responsible for the outcome if you use other paints, pens, sharpies, mechanical pencils, etc. they may cause glaze movement, burn away or some other crazy thing!!


Tips and Tricks

  • A single coat of paint will have a transparent finish, and brush strokes will be visible.

  • If you want to overlap colors, always apply dark colors over light colors.

  • Paint provided appear lighter before firing--always reference fired sample tiles online

  • Unpainted areas will still be glazed, seal, and have the white coloring of the ceramic after it is fired.

  • You can use a pencil or marker to trace a pattern onto your pottery--the marks will burn away during firing.

  • Use masking tape to create straight lines on your pottery.

  • You can clean up mistakes by using a wet paper towel.


We will coat the pottery with a clear overglaze that will seal the entire piece, and provide a glassy, clear surface. All our paints are non-toxic and food-safe. Wash your project as you would any ceramic in your home. We recommend that you do not place your pottery in microwaves. And remember imperfections are part of the charm of hand-crafted work!


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