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Fundraising Events at Cerámica 


Paint for a Cause - Easy, fun and creative!

Let's face it, selling chocolates, gift wrapping paper, and popcorn for fundraising is a thing of the past. Creating experiences, memories, spending time with friends, and building relationships it's what's most important for families and friends. We have created a fundraising program that builds friendships and feeds your creativity!

How it works

Cerámica Paint Studio will donate the registration fee for your event, furthermore, the organization is able to set its own registration fee! Your guests pay for the registration fee + pottery the day of the event.

Step One:

Let's find the best date for your event

Step Two:

Set a registration fee (registration will go 100% to your organization)

Step Three:

Get creative and start marketing! We can help create digital posts for your social media and we'll use our own digital venues to get the word out.


Note: We need a minimum of 15 people for the event and the timing needs to be during studio off-hours. The registration fee needs to be paid in cash at the door. 

Sample Social Media Marketing
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