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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions  

We hope we can answer some of your questions here, if not please drop us an email or just give us a call!

What is Ceramica Paint Studio?

Ceramica Studio is a Paint Your Own Pottery studio. We are located in the heart of Stoneham Square surrounded by the communities of Melrose, Reading, Medford, Woburn, Wakefield, and Winchester. We are only a few miles away from Boston. Stoneham have easy access from interstate highways 95 and 93, with plenty of free on-street and public parking! 

Is Ceramica Paint Studio for kids only? 

The studio is designed for both children and adults. About 40% of our painters are adults and teens who love to paint and spend quality time with friends and family. Interested in getting a group of friends or family together? Schedule your event today!

Is my child too young to bring to the studio?

We believe its never too early to introduce a child to the art of painting. Painting is an amazing art medium that helps children with fine motor skills, concentration, and self-steam. To learn more about the benefits of painting for children click here. We also offer hand-prints and imprints on clay  for little ones, parents and grandparents can treasure for a lifetime.

What does Ceramica Studio Offers?

In addition to walk-ins, we offer:

Brush and Sip: Girl's Night Out, last Thursday of every month

Children and Adult Parties: To celebrate a special occasion

Team Building & Corporate Events: Personalized event to create a bonding experience

On-Site Events: We'll bring the pottery to you,  great for Senior Centers 

Personalized gifts: Teachers' remembrance bowls, family tree platters, congratulations plates 

Story Time: Coupled a great story with a pottery piece to match

Whom can I contact to schedule a fundraising event?

Contact either of the owners, Yenny Cantu or Claudia Arnoff at 781-666-1718

Do you support local donations?

We have a moderate budget for donations, our priority is to support our local community. Please contact Yenny Cantu for donation request.

What is the studio's process?

Our studio is designed to provide a creative environment for painters of all skills. When you walk in you'll be greeted by our host who will walk you through the process:

  1. Selected your pottery from our large collection.

    • The pottery has the price at the bottom of the piece. 

    • The price at the bottom includes everything except for tax (paint, design assistance, art supplies, glazing, and firing)

  2. Clean the dust off our pottery

    • The table will be set for you with a sponge, water and paper towels and brushes

  3. Come to the color palette table and select your colors

    • Make sure you paint 3 layers of each color you have selected​

  4. Once you are done, you can leave your artwork on the table, we'll take it from there!​

  5. Come to the desk and settle your bill


What happens behind the scenes?

Once you walk out of the studio we get to work!

  • We take a photo of your pottery along with your receipt (this confirms you will get the correct pottery back)

  • The pottery will need to air dry for 24 hrs

  • We glaze your pottery, once we have enough work to fill the kiln not to exceed 5 days

  • Your pottery goes in the kiln for 9 hrs (the kiln takes another 9 hours to cool down)

  • We perform quality controls once the pottery comes out of the kiln and match it up with our receipt

  • Someone will text you or call you to let you know your pottery is ready for pick up!

When will my pottery be ready?

It takes us between 5 to 7 days for collected enough work, glaze and fire the kiln. You will get a text or a call when the pottery is ready for pick up.

What is the difference between Plaster and Pottery?

Pottery: After the mold is removed for ceramics, the item still rather fragile. For ceramics to become more durable, they must first be fired in a kiln before they are ready to be painted. After painting and glazing, the pottery is very strong, the glaze used at a paint your own pottery studios, seals the piece and makes it food safe.

Plaster: Plaster crafts is different where after the mold is dry, it hardens to a consistency where it can be painted right away. This makes plaster crafts less expensive than ceramics and it's not food safe.

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