Vintage Holiday Ceramics are Back 


Pre-Order your Vintage Christmas Tree Now

Looking to create or to continue a family tradition? We have the vintage ceramic trees that you all remember from your childhood, they come with a light kit and assorted plastic lights and star. These will be a family heirloom to enjoy for years to come! 

What you'll get: 

  • 1 ceramic Christmas Tree & base 

  • 1 light kit including bulb

  • 1 set of plastic mini lights and star tree topper

  • Specialty ceramic glazes (forest green)

  • Professional staff instruction 

  • Free Medium Size Tree when you book a Tree Painting event for 10+ friends  (ends Oct. 31st)
  • 50% off Medium Size Tree when you book a Tree Painting event with 5 friends (ends Oct. 31st)
Interested in a private Painting Party?

Make your reservation for a holiday party you will never forget! Reserve the studio before we run out of dates.

Vintage Christmas Trees

A - Large  Tree 
$125 (17"H x 9.5" W)
B - Shelf  Tree
$92 (11.25" H x 7" W )
D - Small  Tree 
$62 (9.5"H x 6.5" W) 
C - Medium  Tree 
$105 (14"H x 9.5" W)

Vintage Trucks and Wagons

Vintage Truck with Tree Light-Up
$85 (7'H x 5.75W x 12L)
Woody Wagon with Tree Light-Up
$85 (Size: 10L x 5w X 7H)
WagonChbristmas (1).jpg

Holiday Pickup Truck and Lids

Vintage Pickup Truck
$42 (4.5H x 5W x 10L)
Monsters on the Go
$32 (5H x 3.5W x 5.75L)
Halo-Night Gnomes 
$33 (6H x 3.5W x 6.5L)
Christmas Gnome 
$32 (6.6H x 3.5W x 6.5L)
PXL_20210826_184329851.PORTRAIT (1).jpg