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Community Art Project 

Birdhouse  Pop-Art

Community Art Projects gives residents the opportunity to have a creative outlet as well as be a participant in a larger group exhibition. 

First Come First Served: (we have a limited amount)

Birdhouses will be ready to distribute on  July 22 & 23, between 11 - 4 pm, and July 24 & 25, between 11 - 2 pm. All proceeds from the Birdhouse Pop-Art project will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club. 

Due to the limited amount of birdhouses for this exhibit, we are asking residents to purchase one birdhouse per household and check on July 25 if interested in more. 

Participants will purchase the birdhouse as part of the Stoneham Community Art Project. Birdhouses will need to be designed, decorated, painted, and return it to Ceramica Paint Studio for installation as part of the ¨Birdhouse Pop-Art” exhibit along the Greenway. Finished birdhouses need to be returned no later than August 6, 2020, to 380 Main Street in Stoneham.

Options of Birdhouses: (cash only)
  • A-Small birdhouse $15 (H6.5¨ x W8¨)

  • B-Medium birdhouse $20 (H9.5¨ x W7.5¨)

  • C-Medium birdhouse with a
    wall mount: $25 (H9.5¨ x W7.5¨)

Where to purchase the Birdhouses:

You may purchase the birdhouses from Ceramica Paint Studio, 380 Main Street, from July 23 - 25.

Important Timeline:
  • Purchase of birdhouses: July 22- 25

  • Return birdhouses decorated:  August 3 - 6

  • Installation of birdhouses on the Greenway: August 7 - 9

  • Announcing new exhibit: August 11

  • End of the exhibit: November 30

  • Birdhouses will be ready for pickup: December 1 - 2

Tips for decorating: 

Please keep in mind these birdhouses are being hanged along the Greenway and exposed to the elements.

  • If you are not using outdoor paint, (you may purchase outdoor paint samples at Homedepot or Lowes) please make sure you use outdoor polyurethane for weather protection. 

  • Never paint the inside of the birdhouse. 

  • If you are gluing decorations, make sure you use cement that is weather resistant.

  • This is a community project, be kind and think of beauty, nature, unity, inspiration to others, and above all community!

Note: We reserve the right to disqualify anyone that provides a design offensive towards an ethnicity, race, color, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or such.

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