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 About Us  

How much does it cost

No studio or glazing fees! All you pay for is the cost of the pottery!  Paints, brushes, stamps, stencils, idea books, etc., are included in the cost of your piece of pottery. That also includes the glazing and firing. As well as artistic advise if you would like.. 


We have pottery of all sizes and prices, from $10 - $110, select your piece and start painting. Everything is included! 

How it works

Step One

Choose from over 250

bisqueware shape options

Step Two

Bring your creative ideas to life.

We are here to help with techniques and resources.


Drop in and enjoy some quiet time for yourself or bring someone special and create unforgettable memories. Cerámica welcomes all ages and skill levels to come, relax, and enjoy the creative process of painting potter. We are here to provide you as much (or as little) assistance as you need to complete your artwork.

Step Three

We take your creation

and fire it to bring out the beautiful colors

Step Four

Your piece will be ready for

pick up in 5 - 7 days


No time to pick up your artwork? We can mail it to you!

If you don't have time to come by to pick up your art, we can ship it to you. We will ship your pieces when they are done being fired, between 5-7 days. There is simply a $20 flat fee for shipping.

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