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Free Medium Christmas Tree just for YOU! 


No better way to celebrate Christmas than with friends & Family.

The Holidays are all about spending quality time with those we love. Gather your friends and family and organize a Christmas Tree Painting Party and our gift to you is a Medium Size Tree. Free!

How it works

Bring the guests and food and we'll take care of the rest!

Step One:

Select a date and time that best works for you and your guests. You get 2 hrs of studio time.

Step Two:

Invite your besties and family, guests need to pre-order their Christmas pottery 7 days prior to the event. 

Step Three:

You bring food and drinks (we are BYOB) and we'll have a table ready with utensils, serving dishes, and paper goods. 


Note: To take advantage of this promotion your group needs to have at least 8 participants. Participants need to pre-order from the selected pottery listed here. Pottery needs to be pre-order 7 days before the event.

Free Medium Christmas Tree when you Schedule a Holiday Event with 8 of your friends.

Christmas Trees.png

Vintage Christmas Trees

Vintage Trees
A - Large  Tree 
$140 (17"H x 9.5" W)
B - Shelf  Tree
$98 (11.25" H x 7" W )
D - Small  Tree 
$68 (9.5"H x 6.5" W) 
C - Medium  Tree 
$115 (14"H x 9.5" W)
Vintage Trucks

Vintage Trucks and Wagons

Vintage Truck with Tree Light-Up
$85 (7'H x 5.75W x 12L)
Woody Wagon with Tree Light-Up
$85 (Size: 10L x 5w X 7H)
WagonChbristmas (1).jpg

Holiday Gnomes

Holiday Gnomes
Christmas Tree Gnome Light-Up
$89 (13.5H x 8.25W)
Gnome Hugging Tree Light Up
$85 (Size: 8.75H x 8.75W x 5.5)
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